Cubes Ankara offers an alternative life not only to the office and residential customers but also to the people around the region. Cubes Ankara is waiting for you for the services and special areas that will be the first in Ankara, which is a trend in the world.


It is a multi-purpose center for 2,000 people who will host concerts, cinemas, conferences, theaters and many other activities, as well as pubs and concept areas and a social center.


Meeting and conference spaces in different volumes, suitable for all needs of business meetings, presentations and the business world.


Ideal commercial area for investment in different square meters, which can host many brands / businesses.


The holiday concept in the city thanks to the infinity pool and sunbathing area on the top floor. At the same time the roof bar for pleasant evenings.


In the park, with its green courtyard between two blocks, there is a bazaar serving local delicacies, a gallery and foyer space to host artistic activities, and an art academy for artistic and creative education.


Professional Spa and Massage service in the city view, which will become Ankara's most comprehensive, largest wellness center.


Located within the project, the hotel will provide long term accommodation to its guests with its kitchenette, laundry room and similar features, and will also serve the habitants of the residence and office comfortably.


It will be a first in Ankara, a special area where children and their families can spend time together and parents can get their hairdresser, meal, etc. needs away from their children while they are playing on the playground.


At the GYM, which is arranged with the latest technology, placed on the top floor, in addition to a real jogging track, trainings from dance to tai-chi, from pilates to kick-box in different styles. Yoga House privilege on the 11th floor for those who want a different sports alternative.


Cubes Ankara, an NDL Construction (Nuhoglu-Dalgıç GY-Lejant) project, rises in Ankara's most prestigious location, Çukurambar.

Construction, real estate and architectural expertise meet in this project;

- Nuhoglu Construction, which provides services to the private and public sectors in areas such as housing, infrastructure, landscaping, urban parks, education and health projects and specialized buildings, has signed over 100 projects that are among the symbols of Turkey

- Dalgıç GY, which is active in many sectors such as education, construction, construction-contracting, building industry, tourism-hotel industry, food-livestock and real estate for more than 40 years,

- Lejant Architecture, which provides projects and consultancy services in the fields of architecture, interior architecture and urban design both in Turkey and abroad.

In Cubes Ankara, which is located in Çukurambar, which is the center of luxury consumption, shopping malls on one side and most distinguished cafes and restaurants on the other side; there are approximately 1,000 offices, residential and private modular independent units, of which office and commercial areas have a surface ranging from 38m² to 100m². The project, which is planned as 2 separate blocks, includes A Block Residences and Exclusive Residences and Block B covers offices and hotel units.
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Çukurambar Mah. 1424 Cad. No: 6 Çankaya - Ankara
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